‘Mental Health Patient’ slur by Asda and Tesco

There has been a public outcry by thousands of people this week as two supermarket giants made a huge error in judgment. Asda and Tesco both released halloween costumes and chose to name them after people who suffer from mental health problems, indicating that they have a cruel and outdated view on mental health.  Asda named their outift ‘Mental Health Patient’, while Tesco chose ‘Psycho Ward’.

The blunder has caused outrage across the country and Time to Change Director, Sue Baker, called the costumes ‘staggeringly offensive’.  Stan Collymore, who’s mental health problems have been well publicised in the media took to Twitter to express his disgust, as did Alistair Campbell.  Following this, thousands of people with mental health problems took to their Facebook and Twitter pages and posted pictures of themselves to show their ‘mental health patient’ costumes look nothing like those insinuated by the halloween costumes on sale.

Thanks to all the people who spoke out, both Asda and Tesco removed the items from sale and have apologised. Both have also promised a donation to Mind…But we would like them to donate to smaller charities, like us, who don’t get the media coverage the national charities get.  Do you think a monetary donation is enough?? What we really want is for both organisations to commit to training their staff and operate with commitment to end the stigma that mental health has!!  But will they do this??