More unhelpful mental health coverage…this time it’s The Sun Newspaper!

We hoped organisations would have learned after last weeks fiasco by Asda and Tesco that people who suffer from mental health conditions will no longer suffer discrimination in silence…we were wrong!!

Today the Sun Newspaper has yet again created a frenzy around mental health by publishing a front page article entitled, “1200 people killed by mental patients”.  Mental health campaigners have branded the article ‘irresponsible and wrong’ and Labour MPs have spoken out about how the article ‘shamelessly reinforces’ the stigma many people face who have a mental health condition.  With media coverage like the Sun linking mental illness and violence together its no surprise that one third of the population believing that someone who suffers from a mental health issue is more likely to be violent.  Alistair Campbell tweeted: “Constant media linkage of violence and mental illness leads to violence against the mentally ill rather than by them.”

The Sun have defended the article, with the managing editor Stephen Abell tweeting: “But read full copy: call for better communication between agencies; piece by m-health charity; story on ill as victims?” With many stating the Sun have not given enough space to statistics showing the other side of coin, is it time for another public apology?!