New “Doc Ready” site helping people get ready to speak to their GP about their Mental Health

A new website has been launched to help people get ‘Doc Ready’ when they are visiting their GP to talk about their mental health for the first time, and is particularly aimed at young people. ┬áThe site has been developed with young people in mind and is easy to use and understand. Visiting your GP for the first time to discuss mental health can feel embarrassing and awkward. The aim of ‘Doc Ready’ is to help you get the most out of your appointment with the GP. If you want to check it out┬ávisit

Doc Ready gives free information and advice about what your GP can help with, confidentiality issues, getting the most from the appointment and knowing your rights. It helps you be prepared and lists the things you might want to tell your GP about, like a change in your eating habits, inability to sleep, or maybe fear or urges to self-harm. You can then write a checklist to take with you to prompt you during your appointment to help you remember your symptoms and how you feel.

If you want to see your GP about your mental health, give visit Doc Ready a try!!