Some of us have benefited from all the rain!

Our allotment in Marley, near KeighleyBy now everyone will be aware of the poor growing conditions that farmers and gardeners are having to contend with. The slugs just love it. Fortunately down on The Cellar Projects allotment site down at Marley Stadium live seven hens. They are allowed to roam over the site morning and evening taking slugs as they go. They have been trained not to interfere with growing crops and consequently there is little slug damage.

Although most have suffered in the cold and rain our practice of using hotbeds has been very successful. Hotbeds are an old method of producing early vegetables by using the warmth in manure to force early growth. A hotbed leaves a raised well-drained growing area which in summer usually requires a great deal of water. As the hotbed drains well all this rainwater has been to our advantage. We are currently selling leeks and courgettes off the hotbed at The Cellar Projects Organic Shop in Shipley. We are also selling cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, onions and others. These are harvested on Wednesday and Thursday for sale in the shop which is open to the public every Thurday and Friday. This represents only six food miles!