Employment Programme

The Employment Programme helps people who want to explore the opportunities they may have if they enter the world of paid employment. We offer a flexible service to suit people who have been out of work for many years, who have never had a paid job or anything in between. Some clients may progress from the case managers onto the employment service, while others may access the employment service straight away. In either case, you will receive one to one support and our staffs help to support and guide you while you make decisions about your future.

In addition to this we also offer a retention service – this is when someone is currently employed but off due to ill health. We can offer support to both the employee and the employer, when discussing issues such as returning to work and reasonable adjustments.

Some of the tools we will use to achieve our objectives are:

Five Point Plan

Through one to one meetings we will support the client to identify a destination to aim for; look at what the journey towards that destination may look like for them; identify personal barriers which may be preventing achievement and finally putting together an action plan, which clearly details the tasks to be undertaken in smaller steps.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a course we run 3 times a year for people who are hoping to get back into paid employment. Stepping Stones lasts for 12 weeks and there is one half day session per week. The course looks at: the world of work and mental health, practical skills for getting a job and staying well once in paid employment. Stepping Stones requires the whole group to participate and share stories and/or opinions throughout the 12 week process.

Work Placements

Our employment workers can arrange a work placement for those clients who are unsure about whether committing to a paid job is for them. Normally lasting between 3-6 months, one or two days per week, a work placement is the middle ground between volunteering and paid employment. Work placements offer you the experience of working in a real environment and can help you decide what you would like your future to look like. Many work placements also offer you an up to date and relevant reference for when you are applying for paid employment.

Job Club

Job Club runs on Monday afternoon 1-3 and allows all our clients who are looking for paid employment a 2 hour slot to get help and support from one another and the staff team. When searching for work it is important to set time aside to job search and fill out application forms. Job club gives clients the opportunity to get help with CV writing; job searches; filling out application forms and Interview skills.

Referral Procedure

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