Our Toolbox

We utilise a range of “tools” when working with clients, depending on their specific needs. Here is a brief over each of the tools, some which link through to further information:

Skill Shops

We run a range of training skillshops including catering, horticulture, retail and woodwork.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a course we run 3 times a year for people who are hoping to get back into paid employment. Stepping Stones lasts for 12 weeks and there is one half day session per week. The course looks at: the world of work and mental health, practical skills for getting a job and staying well once in paid employment. Stepping Stones requires the whole group to participate and share stories and/or opinions throughout the 12 week process.

Return To Learning

This is a short course for clients who are considering re-entering the world of education.  Whether thinking about attending one of The Cellar Trust’s education classes or starting a mainstream education class, Return to Learning will help clients identify and overcome any barriers which have been preventing them. It runs in 2 hourly sessions over three weeks in small groups.  For new clients who wish to attend our education classes, Return to Learning is the first step.

Job Club

Job Club runs on Monday afternoon 1-3 and allows all our clients who are looking for paid employment a 2 hour slot to get help and support from one another and the staff team. When searching for work it is important to set time aside to job search and fill out application forms. Job club gives clients the opportunity to get help with CV writing; job searches; filling out application forms and Interview skills.

Referral Procedure

Please complete and return a referral form which can be downloaded here

Please read our referral policy and procedure.