Personal Development Programme

The Personal Development Programme is the starting point for many clients who attend The Cellar Trust and are still trying to overcome the effects of their mental health problem. The programme is flexible to fit in with individual needs, although some aspects of the service will be the same for all clients. Our aim is to help clients develop the abilities and skills to enable them to move on with their lives.

All new clients have an individual, holistic assessment of needs, carried out through regular meetings and reviews with their individual Case Manager.  Once a client is ready to start looking towards their future and have started on their journey of recovery, our Case Managers will help them to make an informed decision about what comes next.  This is usually a choice between, or a combination of:

  • moving into voluntary work
  • progression to further education or training at a local college or learning environment
  • referral to the Employment Programme

If a client decides referral to the Employment Programme is not for them, the case managers will support the client for up to 3 months in either voluntary work or education before withdrawing.

Some of the tools we will use to achieve our objectives are:

Five Point Plan

Through one to one meetings we will support the client to identify a destination to aim for; look at what the journey towards that destination may look like for them; identify personal barriers which may be preventing achievement and finally putting together an action plan, which clearly details the tasks to be undertaken in smaller steps.

Return to Learning

This is a short course for clients who are considering re-entering the world of education.  Whether thinking about attending one of the Cellar’s education classes or starting a mainstream education class, Return to Learning will help clients identify and overcome any barriers which have been preventing them. It runs in 2 hourly sessions over three weeks in small groups.  For new clients who wish to attend our education classes, Return to Learning is the first step.

Mainstream Education

We can assist in helping clients with the application process and support clients during the course they choose to undertake.

Voluntary Work

We support clients to find and sustain off-site voluntary work in order to aid their progress and to promote self-esteem, value and build confidence. Clients decide with the support of their case manager when they are ready to be introduced to voluntary work and what type of work they think they may enjoy or would benefit from to enhance there job prospects and meet new people.  Voluntary work is an excellent opportunity to try different roles within organisations so clients can explore what they enjoy without the pressure and commitment attached to paid work.

Skill Shops

We run a range of Skill Shops, including Horticulture, Catering, Retail and Woodwork. These promote self belief, social inclusion, attendance, time keeping and reliability along side building skills that are specific to each individual Skill Shop. more

Referral Procedure

Please complete and return a referral form which can be downloaded here

Please read our referral policy and procedure!