Referral Policy & Procedure

Referral Criteria

Our contract with Bradford Adult Services and the Bradford and Airedale Primary Care Trust is to assist working age adults with a moderate to severe or enduring mental health condition to regain their confidence and skills in order to get back to employment, education and training of their choice. This contract is quite specific about the clients it wishes to fund; these are:

  • People of working age in any of the following categories: (Separate services exist for Young People and Elderly People)
  • People accessing secondary mental health services and on CPA
  • People accessing secondary services not on CPA
  • People with mental health conditions who would meet the criteria for secondary services but who are being treated by their GP
  • Anyone with a dual diagnosis who fits any of the above categories and where the mental health condition is the primary diagnosis

We do not accept referrals for the following people:

  • People who are currently misusing drugs and/or alcohol
  • People with a history of violence within the last six months
  • People who are currently in in-patient facilities unless they are still employed
  • People who might pose a threat to themselves, staff or other clients

People who are able to refer clients to The Cellar Trust are:

  • Any professional within secondary mental health services eg psychiatrist, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses and community support workers
  • A GP who is treating a patient who would be eligible for secondary services

Please note we do not accept referrals from the following:

  • Self referrals
  • Referrals from other members of Primary Care teams
  • Referrals  from organisations outside secondary mental health services

Referral Guidance

  1. We are a recovery based service offering support to individuals with mental health problems who wish to improve their confidence and skills etc, with a view to returning to a mainstream environment.
  2. We are not a day centre or a drop in or a hobby place, referrals should not be made, and places will not be offered, to individual wishing just to fill their time.
  3. We can only accept referrals from approved secondary mental health services and GP’s.
  4. New referrals will only be added to the waiting list once we have all the documentation. Referrals without this documentation will be held pending receipt of the correct paper work for a maximum of two months. If the paper work is not received by this point the referral will be closed.
  5. All referrals should have a primary diagnosis of a mental health issue that warrants secondary service intervention.  Referrals for individuals with dual diagnosis, for example, mental health and learning disabilities, mental health and ASD and mental Health and physical impairments will only be considered if the mental health element is the primary issue. It is not appropriate to offer dual diagnosis clients a place if mental health is the secondary concern. Every case will be assessed and decided individually based on our perception of the effectiveness of possible interventions and in line with our commissioning guidelines.
  6. Potential clients should be clinically stable and living successfully in the community for at least 3 months.  The only exception to this is referrals for retention cases i.e. people who are still employed but who may currently be in hospital. Paperwork can be submitted prior to the three months.
  7. We reserve the right to decline services to individuals with ongoing substance misuse issues or those with a history of violence or aggression towards themselves and others.
  8. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any form of aggression, physical or verbal.  Clients who exhibit such behaviours may be asked to leave.
  9. Clients with severe complex needs will only be offered places where there is continuing involvement with other services working in a multidisciplinary approach.  Such clients may have to wait longer for the service dependant upon our current client profile.

Referral Procedure

Please complete and return a referral form which can be downloaded here

We reserve the right to decline services to any individual at our discretion.