The Cellar Trust welcomes more new faces

We would like to welcome a couple of new members of staff who joined us recently through the Employment Opportunities Fund.

Phill Brooks joins our Media department as Media Assistant. Laura Summerfield joins the Client Services team as Employment Administration Assistant. William Caufield joins us as Receptionist/Administration Assistant.

The Employment Opportunities Fund is a  £4.5 million Bradford Council scheme that will employ people on 12-month contracts carrying out work that will benefit the community and enable them to gain valuable skills and experience in the process. The EOF scheme is aimed at 18 to 25-year-olds, those 50 or over and people with a disability or a work-limiting health condition. The fund is part of the Council’s wider £7.7 million Get Bradford Working programme, which is believed to be the largest job creation scheme created by any local authority in the country.