“Employment and Recovery” – Clinicians Training Day

Almost everyone is agreed that a return to some form of paid employment is one of the most positive exits from mental health services and that having a paid job can be a major contributing factor in maintaining mental well being.  Yet the latest statistics still show that over 80% of ex-psychiatric patients are unemployed.

The Cellar Project is holding a training day for both clinical and mental health professionals entitled “Employment and Recovery”, presented in association with NHS North of England Strategic Health Authority.

The aim is to raise awareness of employment services as recovery vehicles and to formulate ways they can be better integrated with support and clinical services.  The day will provide an opportunity to hear from Marilyn Beech and the team from The Cellar Project as well as Dr Barry Flintoft, director of operations at  NAViGO and Lorna Reid (Occupational Therapist) who is the Keynote speaker.

The Cellar Project has developed a  unique service model incorporating the best of the old workshop model with the best of current caseload practice, to produce a hybrid model that is better than either and which is flexible enough to be tailored to  meet  most individual needs. We want to share this with you so you can share it with your patients.

NAViGO is a community interest company which emerged from the NHS to run all mental health and associated services in North East Lincolnshire. NAViGO were awarded the prestigious Guardian Public Services Award 2011.  Dr Barry Flintoft will present one of two workshops and will be part of a question and answer panel.

Why are we inviting clinical and mental health professionals?

People’s expectations of recovery starts with Clinical and Mental Health Professionals, YOU! You are their opinion formers. We feel it is important that we share our experiences and outcomes with clinicians and mental health professionals. We have 60 funded places at this event and have sent invitations across the area. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to attend the event and have not received an invitation please contact Heather Tattersall on 01274 586 474 or click here to send us a message.