Employment support for the disabled needs a rethink

A new report is calling for urgent reforms to be made to the support offered to people with disabilities.  The report was compiled by 5 members of the Disability Charities Consortium (DCC) coalition, including Mind, and highlights the need for reform to improve the employment prospects for disabled people, including those with mental health problems.

The current system has left many disabled people far from the workplace; the report makes recommendations on how to provide better support.  With growing concerns about how effective the Work Programme is at supporting disabled people into work, and the latest court ruling that the WCA (Work Capability Assessments) completed by ATOS, are unfair for those with mental health problems, this report should add to discussions had by the Government as they prepare the Disability Employment Strategy.  The report has recommended that the Government:

  • Should incentivise greater localisation of employment support for disabled people;
  • Encourage greater involvement of employers in the design and delivery of employment support;
  • Have a more targeted approach should be taken for young disabled people who face particular challenged and often cannot access effective support.

To see the Report – Work in Progress: Rethinking employment support for disabled people –  in full Click Here