National Stress Awareness Day, 6th November

National Stress Awareness Day

6th November 2013

Stress is everywhere!!!

The emphasis is on promoting psychological wellbeing of people at work so that you can perform at your peak – ‘If you feel well you perform better than if you feel ill’. It’s about how you feel. People who feel great can often concentrate more effectively on what they want to do, and this is performance. The theme for National Stress Awareness Day is ‘Going the Extra Mile’ – which is what happens when organisations are stress free.


The energy, enthusiasm, motivation and concentration in a stress free environment, provokes people to have greater interest in others and to contribute more – ‘Going the Extra Mile’.


The first step to reducing stress is to identify the symptoms and what is causing them!!!


It is one of the most common conditions experienced by people in the UK today. It is known to contribute to more serious physical illnesses, such as IBS, stomach ulcers, migraines, diabetes and heart disease.


Don’t wait until you become ill. Look out for these symptoms such as difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, constant tiredness, felling sick and dizzy. Stress is largely preventable, as it is mainly caused by events and poor behavior that triggers a stressful response. Eliminate these events and poor behavior, and you do not need to experience stress. National Stress Awareness Day, on 6th November 2013, raises awareness about stress, how to prevent it and how to manage it once it occurs.