The Cellar Project welcomes new social worker placement students

The Cellar Project is pleased to welcome our new social worker placement students Amanda Cyprien and Anisa Laycock who joined us recently and will be with us for the next 9-12 months. They have both fitted in really well and have already been a great help!


I have recently joined the Cellar Project with the Hub team, where I am on placement studying towards a degree in social work. Before enrolling on my course I was a nursery nurse for three years which I enjoyed very much and I have also worked in retail and catering. I am ecstatic that I have my placement here as I find this work particularly rewarding and gives me great satisfaction to be part of this team.


I am a student social worker and have recently joined the Cellar Project. I come from a Customer Service background and did this until I was diagnosed with a lifelong illness/disability. I have managed to cope with this life changing event by attending college and I’m now working towards my degree in social work, living proof that having an illness and a disability cannot stop you achieving your dreams! I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the project and with the team!