MyWellbeing College and The Cellar Trust have partnered up to extend their support and launch an innovative Telehealth service offering support to people in the Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven


The service offers evening and weekend support at the other end of the telephone, with experienced wellbeing coaches on hand to give guidance and help to those in need. Appointments are being offered by peer support workers based at The Cellar Trust, in joint partnership with MyWellbeing College.

To access the service, or guided self-help telephone appointments, you can register online at or give the enrolment team a call on 0300 555 5551.

Daniel Smith, Wellbeing Coach

Daniel is a Psychology graduate and Wellbeing Coach, and has extensive experience of working with families across the Bradford district. In his previous role, he worked directly with vulnerable families supporting them in crisis management and mental health. Daniel also has his own experiences of mental health difficulties and he feels passionate about supporting others using techniques that have had a huge positive impact upon his own life.

Rachel Saville, Wellbeing Coach

Before joining the Telehealth Service, Rachel studied psychology with counselling and health promotion. Rachel has significant lived experience of mental health, including as a carer for others, so can offer genuine peer support to people in her role as a Wellbeing Coach. It is her lived experience which attracted her to the role, especially given the positive, proactive approach to mental health recovery. In her previous role Rachel provided support for adults with both learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Zakiya Hanif, Wellbeing Coach

Zakiya completed her undergraduate degree Theology and Philosophy in 2016. She has been passionate about mental health and wanted to extend this by pursuing a career in this field. She volunteered as a befriender in a psychiatric ward as well as working as a Clinical Support Worker for Turning Point. This involved undertaking risk assessments, supporting practitioners with clinical groups and delivering workshops in the community to increase awareness on the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies service. She is now a Wellbeing Coach and is looking forward to developing her skills further. She is particularly interested in integrative psychotherapy.

Ghazala Saleem, Wellbeing Coach

Prior to becoming a Wellbeing Coach Ghazala graduated in Psychology and is currently taking further postgraduate studies. She has experience of working in a women’s refuge, with leaving care 16-18 year olds, and with the elderly in a community setting. She has had experience personally with mental health issues therefore wants to help others manage their psychological difficulties. The impact mental health can have, and the sense of achievement when helping someone overcome the obstacles in life, are the reasons she is passionate to progress her career in this area.

Diane Lally, Wellbeing Coach

Diane originally came to The Cellar Trust in 2011 as a social work student and was offered a job in the Pathways to Employment Team after her placement. There, she supported people with mental health disorders get back in to employment. The job satisfaction in seeing such positive changes in people cemented a desire to develop a career in mental health. She has personal experience of mental health difficulties and understands how this can spiral out of control if the correct support is not provided. This prompted her to join the Telehealth Service as a Wellbeing Coach when it was set up in October 2018.

Michaela Knox, Wellbeing Coach

Michaela started working at The Cellar Trust in March 2017 and joined the new Telehealth Service as a Wellbeing Coach in October this year.  Michaela’s long term interest in Mental Health, her passion about psychoeducation and its effectiveness, as well as her own lived experience means she can provide effective peer support for individuals.  She has experience working in the A&E Department at Airedale Hospital supporting people in crisis and has a back ground in training.  Prior to this role, she delivered Stress Buster training and developed training packages on Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Awareness for the organisation. She also worked with the My Wellbeing College Enrolment Team.  Michaela will be going on Maternity leave in January 2019.

Avril Barker, Lead Wellbeing Coach 

Avril’s primary role is leading the Telehealth Coaches and managing the service, but she also supports a small caseload of patients. She brings experience as a Telephone Listener/ Counsellor with Helplines in New Zealand and Australia and management experience within the public service and Charity sectors. Her passion for leading teams and supporting people with their mental health and wellbeing, in conjunction with having lived experience of mental health herself, makes this an ideal role for her.