Sparrow Nesting Box

These delightful and robust nesting boxes have been ingeniously designed to accommodate sparrows. There has been a lot of concern amongst environmental and ornithological agencies recently regarding the decline of the sparrow population so here is a wonderful opportunity to help this popular little visitor to our gardens. Sparrows like to nest in family groups so these boxes have been made in three compartments allowing the sparrows to do just that, safe from predators. The boxes are treated with Barrettine Wood Preserver that will last for many years and the felted roof is hinged to allow easy cleaning. Only £21.99 (including VAT).

Please note: The box in the image is untreated to best highlight the features. Ones sent to customers are treated.

Width: 52.5cm (20.5")
Depth: 23cm (9")
Height: 36cm (14")

Price: £21.99
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