Training for employers

Mental health is now the number one reason for people taking days off sick, meaning it’s an issue your organisation can’t afford to ignore. Begin a conversation about mental health in your organisation; it doesn’t have to be difficult, we can help you to develop a culture where your employees feel able to talk openly about their mental health problems.

At any given time, one in four workers is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress; making them less likely to perform to their best. Therefore it’s no surprise that organisations that support employees who are experiencing mental health problems perform better and increase employee engagement, motivation and productivity.

To help you open up the discussion about mental health in the workplace and effectively support your employees, we offer two cost-effective courses that can be delivered at a time and place to suit your organisation and employees. Both courses are designed to improve employee wellbeing, as well as support and manage employees struggling with their mental health and stress. Find out more below.

Bespoke training

We also offer mental health training courses, tailored for individual organisations. To discuss your specific training requirements contact or on 01274 588002

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