Welcome to The Cellar Trust

We are a registered mental health charity (No. 701982) that supports people with mental health problems, across the Bradford district, Craven and surrounding areas to move forward in their recovery and live independent, fulfilling lives.

We exist because mental health problems exist and because they are complex. We all have mental health and our state of health can change at any time. Mental health problems affect everyone in a different way and they can be devastating. Our purpose is to support people when they face these challenges, and to empower them to move forward.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

Shipley is one of 101 places across England selected for up to £25m investment as part of the Government’s Towns Fund initiative.

The Cellar Trust and HALE have submitted a joint bid for funding to develop a Health, Wellbeing and Community Campus (HWCC). Creation of the HWCC will change the way in which mental health and wellbeing services are delivered in Shipley and how they connect with the people who need them, so that people receive appropriate, holistic support which meets their needs.

We would welcome your views on which mental health and wellbeing services, organisations and facilities would you like to see available at the campus?

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