Welcome to The Cellar Trust

We are a registered mental health charity (No. 701982) that supports people with mental health problems, across the Bradford district to move forward in their recovery and live independent, fulfilling lives. 

We exist because mental health problems exist and because they are complex. We all have mental health and our state of health can change at any time. Mental health problems affect everyone in a different way and they can be devastating. Our purpose is to support people when they face these challenges, and to empower them to move forward. 

Peer support

I often get asked “What is Peer support?” There are of course lots of different types of peer support, like AA and postnatal support groups in the community and generally, peer support is about building a relationship based on mutuality, reciprocity and shared experience.

Become a Friend

Becoming a Friend of The Cellar Trust is a really simple way of making a difference. By making a regular donation you’ll be helping make sure that we can be there for people facing serious mental health challenges, giving them the chance of a better life.

I was very worried before I came but from the moment I arrived, I was at ease. Here you have found room for me. I haven’t had that before. to be treated like a human being for a change… it isn’t something I was used to.

Roger, Pathways to Employment client


All our products are made on site, by our clients and every order helps us to continue our life-changing work.