Peer Support Training

Here at The Cellar Trust, we believe in the power of connection and support on the journey to mental well-being. Our Peer Support Training Program is about the essential skills for Peer Support as well as showing hope, fostering empathy and understanding with learners.

We recognize the profound impact that shared experiences can have on mental health. Our Peer Support Training equips individuals and professionals with the skills and knowledge to provide empathetic assistance to those facing mental health challenges. We believe that sometimes, the most significant support comes from those who have walked a similar path.

What We Offer 

Comprehensive Training Our program covers essential topics, including active listening, boundaries, and creating a safe space for open dialogue. 

Empathy-Centered Approach Learn the art of empathy to connect with others on a deeper level. Our training emphasizes the importance of understanding and validating individual experiences. 

Practical understanding Showing the importance of equality and diversity as well as suggestions on practicing the trauma-based approach with clients. 

Certification Upon completion, participants receive certification recognizing their commitment to supporting others. This is testament to their dedication to mental health well-being, but also giving accreditation at Level 3 under OCN (Open College Network) Credit 4 Learning.  

Why Choose the Cellar Trust

Proven Impact Our services are underpinned with Peer Support, and it sits at the heart of all that we do.  We have proven track record of positively impacting the lives of those who receive our support. Read our Impact Report here 

Flexibility Accessible training options tailored to accommodate diverse schedules and learning preferences. We can come to you or can facilitate via webinar and would welcome you at our place in Shipley West Yorkshire.  

Experienced Facilitators who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of peer support and mental health related training. They are supported by a co-facilitator who can offer practical support during the session as well as record individual assessment contributions. 

Your needs matter Chose the method that suits you. The two-day version is available for those that require full accreditation, and the one-day version is available for those who wish to complement their existing skills with a non-accredited course.  

Ready to make a difference?

Join us in creating a world where everyone has access to compassionate support. Whether you’re an individual seeking training or an organization interested in partnering with us. 

Discover the transformative power of peer support – because together, we can make a difference in mental health.  

For individual bookings, and organisations wishing to discuss bespoke packages, please select one of the buttons below:

What attendees say about our training:

“The training has been really useful, with the right amount of breaks which allowed me to process the learning. The training has helped shape my thoughts around how to pitch the training for volunteers involved in the service I lead. Found the trainers encouraging, non-judgemental and inclusive” – Gemma Smith, Service Manager, Family Action

I think…this is something that could be useful for lots of people working/volunteering in health and care – not just Peer Support Workers. I also liked the trainer’s style of delivery and thought the way of Accreditation worked really well.” – Gary Blake, Training and Development Manager, Community Mental Health Transformation Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

The course takes place across two days (6 hours per day) delivered one week apart.

Please note this is the preferred structure of the course however this is subject change depending on circumstances and service capacity.

The course can be delivered online using video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or in person. Specific venue requests can be detailed in our form here.

The training is delivered by one of our experienced facilitators who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of peer support and mental health related training. They are supported by a co-facilitator who can offer practical support during the session as well as record individual assessment contributions.

The cost of this training is £180 (including VAT) per person.

Organisations booking 8 attendees or more qualify for a 20% discount for all attendees. We are also able to offer additional discounted rates to organisations who wish to use us on an ongoing basis for staff training purposes.

The course is designed to help upskill anyone thinking about or currently doing peer support work, or for anyone working with a peer support worker who wants to understand more about this unique and proven type of support delivery. The course is suitable for organisations, mental health professionals, volunteers, and individuals.

Completion of our peer support training will provide attendees with credits that can be put towards a full Level 3 peer support qualification. The course is accredited by OCN Credit4Learning.

The course has set learning objectives which are assessed through active participation in discussions around the subject content. We aim to be as supportive and as inclusive as possible and pledge to provide a non-judgemental learning environment with a variety of ways in which to contribute and meet these objectives. If an attendee does not wish to participate in the assessment activities, they are welcome to attend the training but will not be able to achieve the accreditation certificate. We are happy instead to provide a ‘letter of attendance’ on request to such participants.

After successful completion of the course, attendees will receive an email with the learning resources and link to the feedback form. Certificates for this course are digital and will be emailed directly to individuals upon receipt of a completed feedback form.

Each training course (2 sessions) can accommodate up to 15 people and we require a minimum of 8 people to run a session.

Organisations can book a course by completing our online form here

Individuals can view and book on current training course dates via Eventbrite here

If for any reason attendees wish to re-schedule their training dates, they must notify The Cellar Trust of a cancellation at least 72 hours before the training is due to start.

For individuals who have booked online via Eventbrite the quickest way to cancel and re-book dates is through the Eventbrite website.

Should any re-scheduled dates also require cancellation, The Cellar Trust cannot guarantee that any further dates will be provided to individuals. There will also be additional cancellation costs passed on to individuals who have booked through Eventbrite. Should we not receive prior notice by the specified time then re-bookings would need to be made at the additional cost of each participant.

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