Make a Will for the Cellar Trust   

Did you know you can leave a gift in your will to your favourite charity.  If you leave just 1% to charity then 99% will go to those others closest to you.

Make a Will Online

To help our supporters make a will safely and conveniently we work with Make a Will Online.  You can use this link to make a will for free:  Every will is checked by a fully qualified solicitor and you have access to their helplines at no extra cost.

Traditional solicitors

If you already have a solicitor, if you would rather speak with someone face to face, if you have a high value estate, or if you are worried that your will might be challenged on mental capacity or other grounds you should speak with a solicitor face to face.  For a benchmark on what a high value estate is you can use the inheritance tax threshold.  You can go to the Law Society to find a solicitor.

Make sure your solicitor enters our details correctly: The Cellar Trust, our charity number: 701982, and our registered address: Farfield Road Shipley BD18 4QP.

Your personal data

When you use the link above to make a will online we find out about the existence of the will and a gift.  This can be anonymous or you can share your personal data too.  If you want to make the gift completely private you can use this link to make an online will.  Whatever you choose to do we are very grateful indeed for being remembered in your will.