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Deafness, Inclusivity and Me

Deafness, Inclusivity and Me Written by Claire I have never had to write about my experiences of deafness before and I’m keen not to make sweeping statements about ‘all deaf or hearing-impaired people’. As with mental health, the lived experience of deafness is varied. Not every person with hearing loss wants to draw attention to […]


Easter Written by Heather Easter is my absolute favourite time of the year. Culturally, many of us celebrate the religious festivals of Christianity in this country but the focus is often on other things: Santa, presents, the Easter bunny, spending time with family and making fun for the children. My faith makes the celebrations about […]

Ramadan, a month of mindfulness and spiritual reawakening

Ramadan, a month of mindfulness and spiritual reawakening Written by Noreen My earliest memory of Ramadan is as a little girl aged six or seven, watching my grandmother agonisingly pace up and down the stairs. She was anticipating the moment that she could finally break her fast and savour the sweet taste of her first […]

Staying well while staying informed

Staying well while staying informed Written by Catherine Recently, everyone has been talking about the news and it can feel like not engaging with the news during a time like this is irresponsible. The truth is that although being informed is important so is your mental wellbeing and finding a balance between the two, especially […]

Finding the Self through self-compassion

Written by Aaliyah Two years ago, the idea of “Covid-19” seemed surreal but fast forward two years and it now seems somewhat “surreal” and difficult to recall life before Covid-19. I think its fair to say the last few years have been extremely difficult on all levels – emotionally, mentally physically and psychologically. Despite the […]

Developing a meditation practice

Developing a meditation practice by Kenwyn, the Cellar Trust It’s unusual to open a lifestyle magazine these days without finding a feature on mindfulness or meditation. The practices range from simple breathing techniques, lasting a few minutes, to punishing silent retreats that extend for days or even weeks, and play havoc with your knees! Although […]

Sponges and Ladders

Written by Kim Shutler (CEO)   The pandemic has lead to a lot of people pondering about their career so I decided to write this for anyone who is thinking about making a change or feeling scared to reach a bit higher… I had a brilliant career in higher education working in communications and organisational […]

Meet Jo

This month we caught up with Jo in our MAST team to find out a bit more about what she does. Jo has a challenging role in ensuring that, when people really need it, there is someone available from MAST to listen. But despite this challenge she is always calm and approachable. What’s your role […]

Lived Experience: talk to someone

What were you experiencing when you first came to the Cellar Trust? I was in the midst of the worst breakdown of my mental health I had ever experienced in my whole life. I was in a deep crisis and needed urgent help. As soon as I entered Cellar Trust doors with my Dad, that […]