What can I expect?

We know that it can be daunting to access support when you’ve been struggling with an issue or challenge. We want to put your mind at rest about the time you will spend with us. Sometimes it helps to know what to expect from your initial assessment and your sessions. We’ve also included some common questions that people have in our FAQs but if you have any concerns or questions please contact us.

Initial assessment
You will be allocated a therapist who will offer an appointment for you to explore the reasons that you have sought support and identify any goals that you wish to achieve in the process. The counsellor will ask some background questions and listen to your story to understand your current struggles and any relationships or events or issues that are impacting your emotional health.

My sessions
Each week you will return to your psychological therapy session and explore your thoughts and feelings until you have an understanding of what is causing the problems. Your therapist will help you to learn strategies to manage, accept, change where possible to enable you to make choices which improve your wellbeing.