If you're experiencing a mental health crisis or feel like your mental health is deteriorating, you can access crisis support by calling

First Response 0800 952 1181

Trained professionals are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crisis support

Safe Spaces is a crisis support service for anyone in mental health distress

This could be severe anxiety or panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, intense depression or feelings of disassociation.

There are lots of ways Safe Spaces can support you:

  • One-to-one, same day support in-person at our Bradford Hub (Mind in Bradford)
  • One-to-one, same day support over the phone
  • A homely place to stay overnight for Children and Young People aged 7 to 17

How do you access the service?

  • Anyone aged 7 and over living in Bradford District and Craven can access the service by calling First Response on 0800 952 1181

One-to-one, same day support

Bradford Hub

Every day 12.00pm – 2.30am

Bradford Hub will offer same-day, one to one support in-person or by phone to anyone aged 7 and over living in Bradford District and Craven.

What you can expect

  • After calling First Response to be referred to the service you’ll be offered a telephone or in-person appointment
  • If in-person you’ll make your way to Bradford Hub
  • Taxi transport is available if needed
  • You’ll arrive and be welcomed with a drink
  • A trained wellbeing practitioner will offer you a safe space to talk
  • Translation services are available
  • If you are unable to attend but require in-person support we’ll send a practitioner to you

Location: Mind in Bradford, Kenburgh House, 28 Manor Row, Bradford, BD1 4QU Google Maps

Referral: Call First Response for a same-day appointment 0800 952 1181

A place to stay for the night

Children and Young People’s overnight service

Available 1st August 2022

The overnight services is available to anyone aged 7 to 17 who is struggling with their mental health and needs a homely place to stay for the night.

What you can expect

  • A homely, secure place to stay in Bradford District
  • One night per week available every Monday or Tuesday night from 6.00pm to 10.00am the next morning
  • A trained practitioner will be there to support you and make sure you are safe, calm and looked after

Referral: Call First Response 0800 952 1181 to be referred to this service

How can I access crisis support?

Before 1st July, Haven can be accessed by calling the First Response number on 0800 952 1181. From the 1st July you will be able to access Safe Spaces same-day appointments at the Hubs through First Response 0800 952 1181. More referral pathways will be added in time, to make access to the service even easier.

If you attend A&E in crisis you may also be offered Haven/Safe Spaces as an alternative way to receive support.

The overnight place to stay service for children and young people can be accessed by a referral from CAMHS or First Response. We will need a new referral for each overnight stay.

Can I still visit Sanctuary or Haven?

If you have used our services before (Sanctuary, Haven and Towerhurst), we understand change can be hard.

Here are some answers to questions you might have about the new Safe Spaces service.

Can I still visit Sanctuary?

  • Sanctuary at Mind in Bradford will be known as Bradford Hub and be available to all ages including young people, adults and children aged 7 and over.
  • Many of the previous Sanctuary team will still be working out of Bradford Hub providing in-person and phone support.
  • You can access same-day one-to-one appointments at Bradford Hub by calling First Response.
  • The opening hours have been extended from 12pm to 2.30am.

Can I still visit Haven?

  • Haven at The Cellar Trust will no longer be available and you are encouraged to seek crisis support at Bradford Hub. Many of the previous Haven team will be working out of Bradford Hub providing in-person and phone support.
  • There will also be a second hub opening in Keighley in Autumn 2022.

I cannot get to Bradford, I need local support near me

  • Safe Spaces support at Bradford Hub is available over the phone if you cannot get there in-person. If you do require in-person support but cannot get transport over to Bradford Hub we can provide a taxi for you. We are also going to be sending practitioners out for outreach crisis support as the service develops.
  • In future months there will be several crisis cafes across the district to help you get help in a more local venue to where you live. These will be evening, drop-in type sessions that can be accessed via self-referral for people aged 18 and over. The crisis cafes will be due to start in Autumn 2022 alongside the launch of the new Keighley Hub.

What if I’m not in crisis but need help?

The Cellar Trust offers a range of services to support you from mental health courses to peer support.


Guide-Line provides confidential, emotional support to from 12pm (noon) to 12am (midnight), 365 days a year.

There are two ways to access Guide-Line support:

Night OWLS

West Yorkshire Night OWLS is a confidential support line for children, young people, their parents and carers available 8pm–8am every day.

Call on: Freephone 0800 1488 244

Text on: 07984 392700

Healthy Minds directory

The Healthy Minds Directory provides list of services, advice on how to stay well or simply answer a few questions to find the best support near you.

Service Update

From 1st July 2022 The Cellar Trust and Mind in Bradford will work in partnership to deliver crisis support services and will be known as Safe Spaces. We will work together with partners to ensure this service is available to anyone who needs it in our communities.

The new service will include hubs for one to one same-day support and a Children and Young People’s overnight service.

Important information

Any immediate physical health needs, such as self harming must be resolved before arriving. We cannot prescribe medication or arrange hospital admission.