The Wellbeing Service 

The Wellbeing Service, currently provided by Making Space, is changing. From 1st October 2022, The Cellar Trust, will be delivering this service and it will be known as Reach.  

We will be working with our partners at Project 6, Touchstone and Hale to deliver this service. You can find out more about what will change and what will stay the same below.

The Cellar Trust has provided mental health support within Bradford District for over 30 years. We work with partners to ensure mental health services are provided in the right place at the right time and meet the needs of our communities.

Project 6 is an award winning  charity delivering services for people with drug and alcohol challenges and complex needs in our local communities for over 30 years. They focus on harm reduction and recovery, working with people to reduce the risks associated with substance misuse.

Touchstone have provided mental health and wellbeing services for over 30 years; working across communities to grow their confidence and capacity to demand the services and positive experiences they are entitled to. Touchstone specialise in working to engage communities and involve the people in the services they use.

HALE (Health Action Local Engagement) is an award-winning charity based in Bradford, specialising in providing outreach programs, activities and education to the most vulnerable in our communities; on topics associated with mental and physical self-care. HALE will lead the volunteering element of the service and are experienced in recruiting, training and supporting volunteers.

  • You will continue to have the same support worker until the end of the service you are currently receiving
  • We will still offer up to 6 months support to work towards your personal goals
  • You will still see the same support worker within the community and will be attached to CMHTs across Bradford
  • The service will still support people aged 18-65 who currently receive care coordination via a CMHT or are waiting for care coordination.
  • You will still be able to volunteer to support other people using the service once you have been discharged.
  • There will be dedicated staff to support people who use substances or alcohol to support you to understand how your mental health affects your substance use and vice versa, as well as working towards other goals in your life, personal to you.
  • Touchstone will work with us to ensure that the service is accessible for all who may benefit from it. They will also support coproduction and involvement so you can have greater involvement in service developments

The volunteering element of the service will change, with Hale taking a lead role. There will be:

  • Increased opportunities for volunteering in other areas, such as befriending and community connectors
  • Accredited Peer Support Training available (level3)
  • Greater volunteer infrastructure to support the training and development of volunteers.