Trust Therapies

In 2022, Aire, Wharfe & Craven Counselling Services and Bradford Counselling Services merged with The Cellar Trust. Together we offer a wealth of counselling and therapy experience and excellence to help individuals explore and cope with a range of emotional challenges.

Counselling and psychotherapy are both talking therapies that are intended to help you become emotionally, psychologically and mentally well. By talking, you will gain an understanding of your choices and feel supported to work towards your goals. Helping you to process what you do and why you do it, break cycles of behaviour that are no longer helpful to you, and live your life in ways that feel more empowering for you. Mutual respect and confidentiality are essential as well as your need to feel listened to and not judged. If it’s important to you, no matter if the issue is small or big, we want to support you.