Our costs

What will therapy cost?

Trust Therapies is a charity, the cost of each therapy session is £50, we recognise that this is not affordable to everyone and use our funding to subsidise and, at times, deliver free therapy based on individual circumstances. Sometimes an agency, an employer or the NHS, directly fund the counselling. Most clients, however, contribute to their own costs.

The affordability of the fees will be fully discussed with you and set at a rate that is affordable. 

The decision to offer counselling is based on clinical need and not on ability to pay. If you are not offered counselling, the Clinical Lead will explain why and offer you support to find an alternative pathway. 

Once assessed and your sessions begin you will work directly with the counsellor for 6 weeks and attend weekly 50-minute sessions that are paid for at each session. There is a cancellation policy that explains charges for missed appointments. At the sixth weekly session, the counselling is reviewed and a joint decision will be made whether to continue working together for a further 6 weeks.


ZERO  £50 
20%  £40 
40%  £30 
50%  £25 
60%  £20 
70%  £15 
80%  £10 

If your financial circumstances change during your time with us, for better or worse, we invite you to discuss this with us. Please do not miss a session due to lack of funding. We are open to discussing money problems as part of the relationship. We understand that ability to pay can impact on wellbeing and we would ask you to be open with us about this.