Peer Support

Peer support involves people using their own life experiences to share understanding, hope and improved wellbeing with others. It’s about sharing knowledge, experience and practical help with each other, to improve emotional and mental health, while creating a sense of belonging.


Throughout the last decade growing research and evidence has continued to show, that Peer Support can be hugely effective in helping to improve recovery and ongoing wellbeing within a variety of health settings. As a result, the employment of Peer Support Workers is now described within UK mental health policy. In 2016 the NHS published the ‘Five Year Forward View’ which heavily promoted this type of support within local mental health policy.

The Cellar Trust have provided Peer Support throughout our range of services since 2016. Such is our recognition in this field that we have received various awards for our approach and have been invited to take part in many national discussions around the subject of Peer Support.

Peer Support Services

Through our range of services we provide Peer Support in a confidential, non-clinical setting, where you can discuss your concerns at your own pace in an environment of mutual respect between peers and coordinators. We encourage sharing and a non-judgemental approach.

Access To Our Services

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