Our building on Farfield Road is now closed

but support is still available…

**Our Telehealth service is running as normal**

**Haven is providing over the phone support only**

**Our Employment service is offering over the phone support only**

**The Cellar Trust Shop is closed**
**The Cellar Trust Cafe is closed**
**Woodwork & Horticulture is not running**
**All volunteering activity is currently suspended**

If you have any questions please call us on 01274 586474 or email mail@thecellartrust.org

Our team are working hard to ensure you are kept as up to date as possible via phone calls, emails and messages. You can also visit our dedicated COVID-19 pages and we will be posting updates every day across our social media accounts so please keep an eye out.


We’re here to help…

Health anxiety is a very normal and common issue. It can mean different things to different people but signs usually include spending a lot of time worrying you’re ill or worrying about getting ill. If you’re struggling with health anxiety around coronavirus and are struggling to cope, please remember that crisis services, such as Haven, are available and here to help.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or feel like your mental health is deteriorating, you can access our crisis support service by ringing First Response on 01274 221181 – trained professionals are waiting to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Welcome to The Cellar Trust

We are a registered mental health charity (No. 701982) that supports people with mental health problems, across the Bradford district to move forward in their recovery and live independent, fulfilling lives. 

We exist because mental health problems exist and because they are complex. We all have mental health and our state of health can change at any time. Mental health problems affect everyone in a different way and they can be devastating. Our purpose is to support people when they face these challenges, and to empower them to move forward.