We’re continuing with our volunteer profiles for Volunteer Week 2019! Today we’d like you to get to know Ness & Wendy a little better. They both help out at our Charity Shop in Shipley…

Wendy said: “I started in July 2018, just doing a couple hours per week. I was going through a stage of depression and anxiety, and hiding away from people. I didn’t have any confidence in myself. My daughter suggested small steps at a time, and why don’t I try a couple hours per week in a charity shop, she said you can be in the back to start with until your confidence starts to come back, and that’s exactly what I did.

I have found it a very welcoming and friendly place, everyone is happy and helps out on various tasks. I have also built up a lot more confidence and have actually served on the till, I have also managed to express my creative mind by doing window displays and arranging the stock so it looks presentable. I like it that much that sometime I don’t realise what time it is, and wish I could work there permanent. I would say “do it” , it’s the best thing I ever did, whether it’s in the shop, or in the cafe or gardening at the office grounds. The people are so friendly and it has boosted my confidence a great deal. I also feel I am giving back something to the community and helping those who are affected by mental illnesses. The Cellar Trust does a fantastic job in helping those who need help, and all the staff are so friendly, you feel part of a family.”

Ness said: “I’ve been at The Cellar Trust since February as a volunteer. I had worked at the shop as part of the step programme. It was the first time I felt appreciated in a way that wasn’t just lip service. Really felt like I was making a difference and I don’t want to lose that so I have continued to volunteer after finding permanent employment. I’ve found volunteering to be utterly fabulous. I think it’s to do with the culture of The Cellar Trust. The shop is an amazing place to work with amazing people who truly value the opportunity to go the extra mile. It will change your life. Go for it.”